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06 - Launch Night! Free food & beverages (trailer/truck/Cane’s), worship, ministry & giveaways!

13, 20 & 27  - “Life in Community”

This series will help YOU understand the power of community and the connection to authentic faith! 


04, 11, 18 - “Masks We Wear”

Let’s reveal and remove the masks that keep YOU from living in peace and True freedom in Christ!

25 - Parent Welcome Event - Relax.  It’s only 1 night, plus your parents might like being in-the-know.  This event will help them see the value of letting YOU participate in all the 1824 Youth awesomeness!

29 - FC Championship Wrestling & Candy-fest - Wear your wrestling mask and get ready to watch REAL wrestlers competing for the FCCW Belt…and prepare yourself for the Candy-fest! (5:30p - 8:30p)


01, 08, 29 - “Simply Amazing”

The power and love of Jesus Christ wowed the crowd then and still wows the crowd now.  Amazing!

15 - Reflection Stations -  Experience 6 interactive stations to help YOU cultivate a heart of gratitude.

19 - Friendsgiving - An all-church Thanksgiving dinner. It’s Free! (5:30PM - 7PM)          

22 - NO 1824 youth tonight - Enjoy the holiday break…see you next Wednesday!

29 - It’s the exciting conclusion to our Simply Amazing series!    



06, 13 - “Lights, Camera, Christmas”

This series will help YOU connect with the season’s Message of wonder, joy and hope.

20 - Jingle Jam! - Part youth service, part Christmas party. Ugly sweaters are welcome!

24 - Christmas Eve Candlelight - An all-church time of carols & candlelight  (6PM - 7PM)

27 - NO 1824 youth tonight - Enjoy the holiday break…see you on NYE.

31 - Friends NYE! - Drop by for an all-church casual time of food, fun and party favors!  (6PM - 8PM)

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