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come to 1824 youth

At 1824 Youth, we are committed to providing a safe and welcoming community for students in middle school and high school. 

Our Christian youth group is designed to offer an age-appropriate supportive environment where they can grow in their faith and friendships.

On-site security and ministry is provided by a team of caring adults who appreciate the value of mentoring teenagers and helping them thrive in God's will.  


We are available most Wednesday evenings for food, faith and fun!  (Click our Calendar tab for accurate dates/times) 

Here's what a typical 1824 evening looks like:

6:15pm      Our food truck is open for delicious FREE food (examples: burgers or hot dogs or nachos, fruit cup or chips, bottled water)

Outdoor and indoor seating is available

Visit one of our hangout areas to meet your friends or make new ones as you enjoy music and various games 


6:50pm       Food truck closes and Auditorium doors open.  Students can enter to save their seat, talk to their friends and watch videos on the big screen


6:59pm       Hangout areas close and students are encouraged to head to the auditorium


7:00pm       The 5-minute count-down timer begins 


7:05pm        Let's go!  Time to enjoy a fun group game, uplifting music, practical interactive bible teaching, friendship groups and more!  


8:25pm        We don't want to leave but we must...until next week when we See u at 1824!

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